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Veronika, We are finally back home safe and secure after a long trip. Hope that your trip was uneventful.  Want to thank you again  for the best and unforgettable vacation we have taken together. We will be in touch. Mr David F. Hauser & Mrs Ann Bor from Massachusetts/USA

Veronika: Can't thank you enough !!!! Trip of a lifetime !!!! Regards Jon Dwyer/San Francisco/USA

First I must say a big thank you to Jurgen. He was an outstanding guide. Quite simply the best. Patient, passionate and knowledgeable.
Thank you Jurgen! Have a great time in the pacific! Amelia Wang/Singapore

Dear Veronika, My apologies in writing to you so late after our return from AUS-NZ. The jet lag has been very prolonged and there was a ton of work piled up in the two weeks that we were away. Raminder and I want to thank you for a really, really wonderful trip. Your pride in showing off your country was readily apparent. We really enjoyed your commentary. Yes, indeed NZ is a beautiful country. We have been telling all our friends how beautiful it is and that they all should visit when they get a chance. I hope the Govt. and the people of NZ don't tamper with the natural beauty and wide open spaces. Please convey our thanks to Steve for taking such good care of us in Queenstown. Best wishes to you and DJ. It was nice to meet him, even though for a short time. Surjit & Raminder Bhasin, MI/USA

Hi Veronika, We made our way across the ditch and are enjoying Sydney. We just loved New Zealand and loved your hospitality and selection of things to show us. We want so to return and tell our friends of our experience and wonderful guides! Clyde &. Krimhilde Brooker, Woodland, California

The services before arrival was excellent and I much appreciated your guidance as to what I should do. General comments about tour. All well put together. If I were never to return I feel I have seen sufficient to understand the islands and people. Especially the relationship with Maoris.  Quite different from Australia. It was a good idea to fly as much as possible. Big country. All arrangements worked as planned. Really appreciated Steve and your contribution and impressed with your knowledge. However I did not get the feeling I was having a book recited to me. I much appreciated your flexibility to cater for me when I was feeling a little sick. Most surprising was the area around Rotorua and the volcano. Not what I expected. Queenstown lovely town with a great atmosphere. Also the extent and height of the Alps was much greater than what I expected from school geography. Really shocked about the condition of Christchurch. The extent of the damage and the randomness of the destruction. Very sad! Comments about accommodation. Excellent. Best Stay   Wanaka Lodge. Stunning setting and great food. Good company. Comments about activities. All great and difficult to favour one. Surprisingly the one I really liked was the 4WD safari. Great guide. However the others were also great. Waiheke was a surprise. Ski slope behind Lake Taupo also  a surprise. Comments about tour guide.What can I say about the guide on North Island. Great Guide, flexible and good dinner companion. Steve was also great especially his “granny”. Easy to talk to, well informed. Veronika I could write loads more but would probably get boring. I really enjoyed my trip. John Kilpatrick, Loennen. The Netherlands

Hi Veronika, just wanted to let you know we made it home without any problems.  Once again, thanks so much for a really memorable trip.  We can’t wait to come back to your beautiful country. Best Ron & Jennifer Kurtz and children/Irvine in CA/USA

Dear Veronika: Thank you so much for arranging the trip, and being so detailed in everything.  Jurgen was amazing, getting us on schedule in all of the events.  Everything else were memorable and look forward to another trip with you some time again. Franklin, Gloria and Kinston Cheng (family of 7), Singapore

Veronika and Steve, Our flight back to the US is about to depart. Thank you to both of you for being great New Zealand hosts. You have made our first vacation outside the US a life time of memories. Hai & Stephanie Bui, from Edmond, OK/USA

Hi, Veronika, Well, we're home and, of course quite jet-lagged.  It was a great trip and we want to thank you for arranging it.  The hotel and lodges you selected were wonderful!  The "bowen" room at the Auckland Hilton was a beautiful way to start. I think it's the best location at the Hilton, because it has windows on both sides of the room as it comes to a point.  This means if a cruise ship is moored on one side, you still have privacy and open ness on the other.  Luckily, no cruise ship was moored next to the Hilton during our stay. Each of the lodges was special in its own way.  Treetops' property is beautiful, with terrific rain forest hikes, plus many many things to do on the property.  We didn't take advantage of them all.  Westhaven was also great.  Monica and her family try very hard to meet guests' needs.  After we made our dietary needs known, they were very kind and accommodating.  Their property is amazing.  It's not for everyone, of course, as it is very isolated and takes about 4 hours or more (including stop for lunch) to drive there.  And it's for very active folks, as all there is to do there is hike and fish (the fishing is basically surf-casting).  But we wound up loving it. Azur blew us away with their service and the view.  It's an amazing lodge, with everyone very well trained in accommodating guests' needs.  We can't recommend it highly enough. Finally, all the guides (especially you) were first-class.  We think Steve is wonderful.  He's knowledgeable, friendly, personable, and highly professional.  You're lucky to have him working with you! Thanks again for organizing a first-class trip! Best regards, Irwin & Andra Press, from Chicago/USA

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Jurgen. He was excellent in many different ways.  And our itinerary was perfect for us. Thank you so much for organizing the two weeks. Now we are enjoying Christchurch. Frances Ruth & Kenneth James Dickie, Canada

Hello Veronika, Thank you so much for the terrific itinerary.  Everything was perfect and suited us very well.  It was a relaxing trip and we were able to see and do many exciting things.  What you planned was seamless and that made for a stress-free vacation.  Even our driver, Steve in Paihia, commented on how organized and well thought out the itinerary was.  I had a fabulous time from start to finish.  If we ever travel back or if I know of anyone who will be going to NZ, I will definitely recommend you! I can't thank you enough, it was wonderful. Thanks again! Vanessa & Ross Niemi, from Saint Paul in MN/US

Hi Veronika, I certainly enjoyed the tour and while the country is beautiful, the people are outstanding and your tour design facilitated letting us experience both.  I have shared my early feedback with my oldest daughter and her husband and they are interested in setting up a tour for 2015.  They will need some time to see more of my pictures and review the schedule we had and then they can start the process of firming up their tour.  I am sure that many of the same locations and events could be of interest but then they need to put their own spin on it.  I have taken the liberty to share Susan's email with you, but as I mentioned, they need to have more time before they are ready to set up even firm targets to see and experience. Best regards, Stan Tebbe from Poteet, Taxas/USA

Thanks, Veronika.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed very much the itinerary you prepared for us.  We hope to return for a visit to the North Island in the next year or two and will certainly contact you at that time. Garry Gotto,& Carolyn Ross from Phoenix, AZ/USA

Veronika: We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  You made us see what New Zealand is all about and not the tourist traps.  That is what I really wanted. Couldn’t say enough about all the wonderful adventures, sights, excursions, etc. that you set up and participated in. You fulfilled our dream to “experience” New Zealand and not just tour around.  It was your efforts that made it successful.  You should be proud of your professional guided adventure you took us on.  We will have lasting memories.  I will send you some photos if you want to use as advertisements.  Please pass on our sincere thanks to all the various hosts we met along the way.  They also made our trip memorable.Steven & Diane Hucik, North Carolina/USA

We wish to send our thanks for planning such an action packed adventure for us in your beautiful country. We enjoyed all of our experiences and have many new wonderful memories to talk about for years to come. The accommodations were excellent, the food and drink was outstanding, and Chris was organized, witty, and  eager to help with anything we needed.  He was very good to our son, Garrett, and his restaurant choices were all different and delicious.  We would be pleased to recommend you.  Thank you for your professional advice and great serviceMuch thanks, Carrie, Kelly and Garrett Levick-Brown, Saskatchewan, Canada

Our tour was customized to our preferences and expertly handled every step of the way. From the moment we were met at the Auckland airport by a driver bearing our name on a placard and our trip documents in a green folder, there was never any confusion or missing information for the entire trip. Veronika was available by phone day or night and quickly and courteously rearranged our schedule for us on the fly. We highly recommend Aroha NZ Tours. Doug and Anne Albrecht from St Louis-MO/USA 

1. Veronika was fantastic, amazing and wonderful to work with, 2. Love your environmental concerns and picks of eco-friendly tours. 3. Veronika's selections were great.  They were not the most touristy and common things to do.  However, the selections were unique by directing us to local and more New Zealand type things to do.  The Ridgeline Tour in Wanaka was the best.  We enjoyed the entire day on the sheep farm and going to the top.  What a great guide in Mark (put this on Trip Advisor, too).  And, then the coordination and turn over to the  jet-boat in Wanaka was a great choice.  Staying in Queenstown there were so many options and doing both of these in Wanaka was better. We loved this community and would have not found if it weren't for Veronika. 4. Veronika kept an eye on us during our entire stay.  We were able to interact via email and she was always ahead of me.  This was great in trying to get to Milford Sound, which had to be switched to different day and even limited on the day we did go.  I felt comfortable and at ease knowing she was there for us and would step in when needed. 5. And the preparation efforts was a great experience…Veronika and I continually exchanged ideas and she put together the best schedule for us. Even our wine tour was modified to our groups' desires on the day of our tours. 6. I knew I was going to have great experience in working with Veronika and was not disappointed with ANY of our experiences. Would love to go back to New Zealand!  that's a testimonial in itself ... But, even more so due to our great experiences.  The entire group couldn't say enough about each day and how ALL of them loved (seven of us).  THANK YOU .. THANK YOU..Theresa Jones from Tampa-Floria/USA

Firstly, Jurgen, as I am sure you already know is a gentleman and a scholar.  We felt like he was family after a few days with him.  He got into our heads quickly and anticipated our needs at every turn.  His range of expertise was very impressive yet not overstated.  He stayed two steps ahead of our travel itinerary and anticipated problems and solved them before they became problems.  My only criticism is that as Marianna recommended he should get some hair gel for a little spiking. Each of the lodges was unique and we greatly appreciated the opportunity to be there. The proprietors were gracious hosts who went out of their way to insure our enjoyment….I suppose Jurgen would like me to rate the kitchens.  Once again this is very difficult as they were all excellent.  In any case, my favourite was Hapuku for food and setting.  We dinned outside the first night and attempted a second night until a southerly wind blew us inside.  Westhaven is a very close second particularly due to the Austrian favourites which Monika so expertly prepared when I requested ‘Spaetzle”.  Bay of Many Coves prepared beautiful mussels…Lunch at Rock Ferry Winery and dinner at Pier 19 in Queenstown were standouts due to setting and food…The helicopter ride was another highlight.  We were lucky to get aloft and once again that was due to Jurgen’s knowledge of the area….We really appreciated the opportunity to taste the regional wines particularly since we have little experience with pinot gris and pinot noir. Jurgen allowed us to decide how many wineries we wanted to visit….Driving out of the way to Hump Ridge Jet was well worth the effort.  The river was spectacular and the barbecue lunch was a great surprise….The pace of the trip was appropriate for our timetable.  If I were to recommend my itinerary to anyone I would add one day to Westhaven to go kayaking or another hike and another at Bay of Many Coves for reasons mentioned above.  I would keep Queenstown to one night (irrespective of Azur being beautiful) as our brief walk through town was sufficient and we had done all of the adventurous activities that we could handle prior to arriving.  I don’t regret missing the bungy jump or the hangliding.  I would also add three days in the North Island to fish while Laura might tour. We were successful in bringing two bottles of Manuka honey through customs and we will covet them. …Many thanks for arranging our trip which ranks up there with some of our best travel experiences. Ed & Laura Gelber, from Coral Gables/Florida/USA

We really enjoyed our time in New Zealand. Everything was great. Thank you so much. Zoya Kravets, California/USA

We had a wonderful time in NZ, and we think you put together a great itinerary for us. We'll send you some pics (once we move into our new home). Highlights for me: Westhaven Retreat, Fiordland helicopter tour, Lake Wanaka, Driving the length of the country. Thanks! Ashu Tyagi, New York, USA

Hi Veronika, we are doing well. Our vacation in NZ was excellent and a very good break from our busy lives. We really loved New Zealand and plan on going back soon. You and Jurgen were fantastic hosts. Best, Vasco Curdia, San Francisco, USA  

Thank you so much for the follow up Veronika :) We were glad that we made it there and had a relaxing time too. We wanted to deeply thank you for all you have done for us to make this trip the best one we have ever experienced together! We will for sure use your services in the future and next time bring a new family member along with us :) (hope you accommodate babies :)! ) Thank you again and let us know if you need anything else from us! WE AROHA YOU!!! :) Timmy & Megan Arai, Torrance, CA, USA

Dear Veronika, I had a great time traveling the South Islands in the past 2 weeks. The landscapes are spectacular and stimulating. But having you take me of the beaten path and doing some awesome authentic activities, made the entire experience so much more special. I felt I was traveling with a good friend the while time. You have an intimate knowledge of the country, and the organisation and professionalism for what you do all nailed down. And you go beyond that.  I will always remember. Felicia Ng, Singapore

Hi Veronika! ….we are having a truly wonderful time! Best regards, Christian Raidle, Wien, Austria

Hello, We are back to work now and couldn't have been happier with our NZ experience. Everything was outstanding! Melissa & Jens Franzen, USA

Ella and I had a grand time on our tour with you; Your arrangements were impeccable and your choice of accommodations exquisite. Your enthusiasm for your adopted country was infectious and the depth of the information and knowledge you shared with use was remarkable. We had a great time, will undoubtedly return to NZ, and we look forward to re-acquainting ourselves with you and Aroha Tours. 10 out of 10. Regards Andrew Robertson, Giffncok, Scotland

Veronika Wasel our guide for New Zealand is one if the best guides by far. She's personable, intuitive, professional, extremely knowledgeable and very good at understanding us as a client! She's lovely and does her job well! I would highly recommend her to  future clients. It would have been helpful if we were able to speak to her directly prior to our trip. Robert Scannell & Patricia Murdock, Indianapolis, IN/USA

Dear Veronika, a note to say “Thanks” for a wonderful trip and incredible memories! We wish you a glories wedding and a lifetime of happiness.Susan & Glen Schofield, Annie & Gary Sheerer, Los Altos, California USA

Dear Ms. Veronika, We are back home, and busy.  We had a wonderful holiday in NZ, thank you so much. We had a good time with Steve too, because of his kindness to drive us back, we able to experience the Ice Glacier, really good memories with him. Tiang Mee Yieng, Malaysia

Thank you again for your help with organizing this trip for us.  We know with certainty that we would not have had  the experience that we did if we had tried to research and organize it ourselves at the last minute.  And, of course, we never would have seen Hokitika Gorge - one of the high points of the trip along with the Wild Hills Safari and the Glacier Flight!! We also enjoyed you and your company throughout the trip.  By the way,  both boys concur that this was "the best vacation ever" and Noah still rates it a 12 on a 1 - 10 scale.  He talks seriously about re-locating to NZ when he reaches his majority.  Would not surprise me. Sheila and Spencer Karpf, SMCI - Software Management Consultants, Inc, Glendale, CA, USA  

The Bolin’s made it home safely.  Nick and I have both recovered from our time with Steve (Possum Steve that is).  Still adjusting to returning home . We had a wonderful time in NZ.  Both of you were excellent hosts and really helped to create an experience that our family will always remember.  If anyone we know is planning to travel to New Zealand, we will definitely recommend you.  Weather is always a variable when traveling, and we are accustomed to having bad luck.  All worked out well, and I got the opportunity to ski.  Blake Bolin, Texas, USA

Hi Veronika, Thank you very much for arranging this wonderful and unforgettable trip for me and my family.  We all had a good time with Steve too. Steve is just like a friend we have known long time ago., he got along well with all of us, especially my children.  He is good in time management.  He ensured that we had enough sleep and still be able to get the best insight and yet got to the hotel for a good day rest in time, i.e before dark.  He understood our lifestyle and always recommended us restaurants that suit our taste. You are very right in saying that one who come to NZ, has to experience staying in lodges.  I personally love the accommodation in Te Anau - The Dock Bay Lodge and in Franz Josef - The Westwood Lodge, and I think the same goes to my family. We will not hesitate to engage Aroha again if we would visit the North Island in the near future, and to recommend to friends of your good service and professionalism. Best regards, Angeline Ang and family, Singapore

Dear Ms Veronika, Thank you for asking, we arrived two days ago and are " jet lagged" that delayed my writing to thank you for a very nicely organised trip to the South Island. Steve is a gem and I think you are extremely lucky to have him on your team. He really gave us the most enjoyable time and transformed the whole tour into the best we ever had. We felt we were with a friend who had all the answers and the knowledge plus the charm and attentiveness to our needs. Please extend our sincere thanks to him with best wishes for success for both of you. Best regards, Dr Sabah & Mrs Mary Alkadhi, Dakah

Hi Veronika! My family (and I know I speak for Jeff & Heather) is so grateful to you for all that you arranged!  We had a fantastic time in New Zealand and it is easy to see why you and Jurgen (and many others whom we met along the way) would choose to make this beautiful country your home. Right now I am sifting through the 1,600 photos that I took on our action packed trip.  I would be happy to share some if you are interested. I'm sending out some thanks to Jurgen and Stephen & Trudi, but I also wanted to also let you know what terrific guides/ hosts that everyone was.  Really incomparable!  You have assembled a network of great partners, lodgings, locations and activities!  Sharon Keverline, Mike, Kesley, Aidan, Ryan (and Nina) USA

Dear Veronika, Thank you so much for a lovely tour around the South Island!! We loved every minute of our trip and your beautiful country! We have so many great adventures and memories back with us! Will take a while to absorb everything that we saw in 10 hectic days. Thanks again for showing us everything and for being so patient with us. It has been such a unique experience! Mette Kjoebsted & Henrik Clausen, CEO of Digi, Malaysia

Hi Veronika, ... thank you SO much from all of us, for such a fabulous holiday. We had a wonderful, wonderful time.  We saw such fabulous places, stayed with such lovely people in some really inspiring lodges, and generally ate and drank stupendously well. You organised it wonderfully well, and it was also a real treat to get to know you better and experience your fabulous enthusiasm for New Zealand - the country is very lucky to have you as an Ambassador.... So, all in all, we have returned to the UK full of sun, energy and wonderful stories of a joyous holiday (the UK is cold, dreary and still has no signs of Spring coming through… so we’re in danger of irritating most people we speak to about our trip!).  And it was largely due to you that we saw such wonderful places and had such a great time.  Thank you SO much. I suspect you will see all or some of us again.  We’ve certainly talked about how fabulous the trip was, and how we’d all love to come back.  I hope we do. Thank you again. Love and best wishes, Alex Goden Shute, Ithaca Partners, from London/UK

Wonderful time on the island. Guide was great, as was the Lodge. Great trip and appreciate your expertise and recommendations. Looking forward to a return trip when can spend some more time. Lawerence Anderson, Texas, USA  

We found out that my husband needed to go to New Zealand on business only about 4 weeks before the actual trip, and that we would only have 7-8 days holiday time.  The challenge was therefore how much we could reasonably see, but still have a holiday!  We wanted to see both North and South Islands and as many of the sights on both as possible.  After discovering Aroha (through Google) we made contact with Veronika who quickly established our needs and set about tailor-making an itinerary to satisfy them.  Knowing little about New Zealand, and never having visited before, we were pretty much reliant on Veronika’s advice which was very forthcoming in a series of emails and phone conversations. It was with some trepidation therefore that we waited for our first pick-up in Auckland. However, from that moment on, our trip ran like clockwork with pick-ups, planes, helicopters, cars, boats, hotels, restaurants ……     all as described. During the trip we discovered in a few places that weather or other issues may have prevented some of our activities, but Veronika was quick to adjust and manage our schedule with the result that we achieved 100% of our locations. Most importantly on a trip like this, you spend significant time travelling with your guide – in our case, Veronkia (in the north) and Chris (in the south).  Both were EXCELLENT – knowledgeable, personable, full of life – the icing on the cake! Overall we thoroughly recommend Aroha Tours and when we (hopefully) return in years to come, we won’t hesitate to call Veronika again. Jane & Martin Radvan, Chicago, USA

Dear Veronika, It  was a wonderful and well organised tour. We enjoyed the  stays arranged by you in scenic places. Indian food was available almost in all places. Our tour Guide Mr. Juergen Wagner was a excellent person. He took care of us in totality. We want his help in  our next tour. Many thanks. Hari Mustikar, Maharashtra, India

Hi Veronika, Yes, back to reality now!  So, overall, we had the most amazing holiday! Thank you so much, choices of hotels were all fantastic, not a single complaint, and lovely to have the varying levels of luxury versus lodge versus apt. Chris was great and couldn't do enough to help us, he was very accommodating. Trips were also on the most part fantastic...I guess Chris has told you of the changes we made. But seriously, these were tiny issues at the end of the day and did not spoil what was our best holiday ever!. We will definitely be travelling back to New Zealand, we know that for sure, we may even go skiing there this year. Back to Chris for a moment, I just want to say again thanks to him. He was amazing with the kids and they really took to him!  A real treat for us to be able to do these things together and to know that the kids were really happy. One of my particular highlights was when he took us to 'nins bin' for fresh crayfish, and he had brought along bread, mayo and lemon! I have been dreaming of that sandwich ever since! Very thoughtful chap...It was absolutely the right decision to go with Aroha tours, and thank you so much for the efforts you put in to organising such a fabulous itinerary. I will definitely recommend you to friends as most of them want to go to NZ after seeing our photos! Alison Stoner, Melbourne, Australia

Dear Veronika, We enormously enjoyed the trip you planned for us, and appreciate your choice of Chris as  a guide. Stan Cohen,  Stanford University, USA

Veronika, This is the best tour I have had. Keep up the great job. Steve is fantastic ! The weather is impeccable for us! The pace is perfect. And, the activities are great. All eight of us have different best moments, which goes to show that everyone enjoyed ourselves. Andy Sims and family from Singapore.

Dear Veronika, I truly appreciated what you have arranged for us, it is not money can buy.  God bless you, and keep you prosper. Dr .Scott & Su Changchien, from Camarillo, USA

Hi Veronika, A very Happy new year to you! We got back last night .so in the middle of unpacking. Thank you again for making our family holiday so special. It will be one we never forget . Enjoy your holiday, Celine Bruce and family from Singapore

Dear Jurgen, this trip has far exceeded our expectations and it was all because of you. Your knowledge of New Zealand and the world in general has made long hours in the car informative and delightful. Your cheerfulness and eagerness to please were always appreciated. Veronica is lucky to have you. Fondly, Joan and Bob Freund, Scottsdale, USA

After travelling to over 50 countries, I can truly say that NZ is one of the most beautiful and friendliest places we have ever visited. It is certainly the greenest and bluest (if that is a word). The whole country is like one big farm where all the sheep and cattle are free range and grass fed and there is blue water- lakes, streams, and waterfalls, everywhere. Can you believe that we helicoptererd, jet boated, river rafted, and went off road 4 wheel drive exploring? All of our arrangements were made by our personal guide and driver, Veronika Wasel, who is the owner of Aroha Tours. The lodges that Veronika selected for us were superb and there are several world class golf courses to tempt you.  I have never had a more care-free travelling experience than with Veronika. I would definitely put this on your bucket list. Dr. Richard and Lori Reisman, Camarillo, Ca, USA

Dear Veronika, Thank you for the wonderful trip. Me and my wife had a good time in NZ. My family is planning for atrip to NZ in April. Will keep in touch.  Regards Abinesh Yuvaraj, Chennai, India

Thank you again for everything, we had a really wonderful time in NZ.  The trip was truly amazing and perfect.   The only reason I did not send this a few days ago, is because I came back to a hurricane in NYC.  All the best Erica Dombroff, NYC, USA

Thanks Veronika, Yes unfortunately back at work….As for the holiday, it was wonderful - thanks very much to you and Steve, who was an excellent host.  Steph and I had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the trip with particular highlights being our meeting with the Valli’s winemaker, Grant, and our stay at Azur which was a magical place in every respect. All-in-all one of the best holidays we’ve ever had and we will definitely be in touch for our next NZ adventure! Regards, Ross Allen  Q H & M BIRT PTY LTD, Queensland, Australia    

Hi Veronika, So glad to hear from you!  We missed you terribly.  Steve was wonderful - couldn't have asked for a nicer, more knowledgeable, more flexible and accommodating host - but we still missed you!  Hope you are well, both professionally and personally. I was planning to email you to thank you for giving us a most wonderful trip.  You have a beautiful country, with majestic mountains, pristine waters, unbelievable vistas, scrumptious food and elegant wine - but the memory of New Zealand that will stay with me the longest and that I will hold dearest to my heart, is the people of the country.  With their warmth and friendliness, openness and welcoming and true stewards of a slice of paradise, the Kiwis have made an indelible impression on us.  Everyone, as exemplified by you and Steve, have been great hosts - not guides, drivers, or anything else - but hosts.  Proud of your country and all that she has, and honored to be able to live in this pristine corner of the world, the people of New Zealand truly love their country, with a joyful passion that is seldom seen. The choices you made for us, from itinerary to hotel, were spot-on!  Even with days that had a lot of driving, it never seemed too much because of the sights, the stories and the company.  I am sorry that we missed out on Milford, but that simply gives us another reason to return!  Everyone in the hotels were most accommodating and sincerely interested in how we were doing, what we were doing and what they could do to enhance our experience in NZ.  Both your and Steve's restaurant recommendations were all great and I am now totally sold on NZ lamb.  We are delighted that we were able to share a drink and dinner with you and with Steve and hope to be able to do that again sometime in the future. Please stay in touch - we would love to know what you're up to and that you are well in body and spirit.  We are glad to be home, with our dogs, but now have to catch up on 2 wks of laundry!! Dr. Aris Q. Urbanes and Mr. William F Hulsker, MD, Michigan, USA

Hi Veronika, we had an absolutely amazing time in your wonderful country!!  Steve was great-  I learned so much about New Zealand.  I know more about New Zealand than about the U.S. We particularly loved the farm stay and the two nights in Russell.  It was really perfect in every way.  The people in your country are as a whole, so very friendly and nice.  I've never had an experience like that before.  Even the airline is so nice.  They upgraded us without us even asking.  We each got our own bed on the way home!  We arrived in LA very rested.  I have never had an upgrade before.  If only you guys would give up your weird habit of driving on the left.......Then maybe we'd move there. We are hoping to return in 2014 to see the South Island. Susan Rose Ph.D, New York

Thx to u and Steve, Veronika. We are so glad as the trip turn out so great, even can't be denied the travel time in car takes a lot. (‾‾) but its alright, we enjoyed it to the max. Love NZ so much for the most beautiful nature. Thx for the itinerary, it's perfect. Too bad we can't see mount cook and Akaroa as it was raining so badly.  Regards, Kenneth & Sheren, Muar Johor, Malaysia (honeymoon) 

Hi Veronika, getting ready to leave your wonderful country Thank you for organizing the absolute best vacation of our lives. The weather was great. We had an absolute blast! You steered us right every step on the  way and will recommend you truthfully to all!!! Azur ad Milford and Skippers Canyon were the Best!  We definitely plan to return and bring our family and friends. Comments during week:” We are sooooo happy with everything so far!!!!! Loved Ian and Grant (Waiheke tout guide)) At Kauri Cliffs now. Stunning. Gunnar is so impressed with the golf course (so I am extremely pleased he is pleased).  And we will have all 18 holes to ourselves tomorrow  Weather is fabulous. Worlds best honeymoon ever!  Thank you again”. We enjoyed every single minute. Karen,  Dellas, Texas, USA (honeymoon)

Dear Veronika, Thank you once again for the tour. Work is indeed busy today. Still trying to get into the mood of work but it seems wonderful memories of NZ is distracting me from doing so. We will definitely be coming back to see the South Island. Hope that you will still be our guide when the time comes. Joan Hsieh and Chang Tang Kai, Erect Group, Singapore (honeymoon)

First and foremost I want to thank you and Steve for making this trip truly memorable. I must say you have a very good guide in Steve. Everything (including the weather ) was good. I am happy we went with your advice on Dockbay Lodge. It was the place closest in comforts to our home. Hopefully we should do one more trip to New Zealand in the near future(but only in summer). Khushru Jijina, Managing Director Piramal Realty Limited, Mumbai India

Dear Veronika, Nice to hear from you, Steve spoke highly of you.  We enjoyed our stay in South Island and hopefully one day we could return to NZ to make a longer trip and include the North Island too.   We thank you and Steve for arranging a delightful and safe tour of the south. Cheers, Cheng Huat EE, Singapore

Veronika, Thank you for making our trip t New Zealand so enjoyable. We know we were lucky to have you for 20 days and hope you think the same about us. Our memories of this spectacular country are that much better because of your guidance, advice  and friendship. Bruce and Sherrie Wattinger, Winnipeg, Canada

You gave a very good friendly guide. We enjoyed the company of Steve. In NZ we were SIX members family. Sathyamoorthi Devarajulu , Mylapore, India

veronika! I am back home. It was great meeting you. I thank you for your excellent work in putting a great program together despite the whether. Jonathan and David are terrific. Milford is one of the most beautiful places in the world I've ever seen. Thanks for recommending it to me. Again, thanks so much. Best Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez, MD, PhD, Executive President, Global Biotech Consulting Group, Mexico

Hi Veronika: We had a great time, thanks to you! It was, in many ways,  a trip of a lifetime-- a chance to see how spectacular New Zealand really is. In Queenstown, we spent the one rainy day (1/2 day actually) shopping and on Saturday we rode the gondola up, did the luge a few times and did the Ziptrek Ecotour (4 zipline one) which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed Skipper's Canyon (the ride in there was scarier than the jetboat) and the Milford sound adventure. We flew in to the area on the 14 passenger and  flew out on the 5 passenger plane. Scenery was breathtaking and the weather perfect to fly. We took your recommendation and dined at Botswana Butchery and Wai, both excellent...(but I preferred the larger portions of the former) and we enjoyed Patagonia Chocolates for the gelato a few times. Did Fergburger as well and upped my cholesterol levels but it was well worth it. Mark Baum, Radiologist, Moorestown, NJ, USA

Dear Veronika, We arrived home satisfied and happy from our trip to NZ. It was a remarkable experience the tour you prepared for us for getting an idea about your beautiful country. It was interesting to appreciate the difference between the North and South Island. We came back with the idea and intention to return sooner than later. Guillermo Harding  Alvarado, President of Socofar and Rosana Fava, Chile

Our trip with you was so enjoyable!  We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciated all your attention to detail, all the information you had at your fingertips to share with us, your non-stop energetic approach to everything, and your amazing overall competence. Teri & Andy Goodman, Carmel, USA

The wedding was fantastic. Thank you and Steve for showing us  beautiful NZ! Tina Feng and David Liu, married in Queenstown , from the USA

I can't thank you enough for my splendid trip through New Zealand. It would not have been half as much fun if I had had to drive myself.  I would have missed out on seeing so many interesting and beautiful places. Thank goodness I kept a diary, there was so much going on that without having written it down. I would have forgotten what happened where. I am trying to make up my mind about the highlights, but there were so many great moments that I have given up trying to choose between them. I truly believe that New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world. Give my fondest regards to Bruce. I really appreciated his efforts in entertaining someone old enough to be his mother (he is the same age as my son). And thank you for organising such a memorable trip and accompanying me for a goodly part of it. Maria O’Donoghue, London, England

"There is no better way to see New Zealand than with Aroha.  The staff are outstanding and do everything imaginable to ensure a unique and memorable experience."  Gary M. Lawrence,  Writer and CEO of Lawrence & Partners LLC, Texas, USA 

Veronika, We had best time of our life travelling with you in NZ. All lodges were superb and located at scenic places. My wife is a vegetarian but you ensured she was well taken care of. Personal guide was very knowledgeable and courteous. Well done. Prakash Bhalerao, Pune,  India

Hi Veronika, we came back before few days after a long holiday and a great time, memories and photographs. It was a good idea to contact you as I learnt much more about NZ,  then I would do on my own. Jurgen was an excellent guide and friend all throughout and everything was smooth and as planned. Anyways we look forward to be there again maybe it won’t take 10 years now, but for the moment its work until next vacation ) Good luck to you and your team. Snehal Patel, MD, SPC Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., Baroda, India 

Veronika, Many thanks for organizing our trip to New Zealand. Your guidance and assistance were invaluable. The accommodation and activity recommendations were fantastic. The highlight for us all was the time we spent with Stephen and Trudi at Tarata - a truly magical place and their hospitality was memorable. Many thanks once again and happy New Year! Warmest regards.  Andrew (Gill, Alex & Tilly) Jones, MD of Barclays Capital, Singapore

"Our two weeks with Veronika was magical. She is the perfect guide: intelligent, funny, resourceful, respectful of space and privacy, and honest. She showed us special places and introduced us to unique experiences that we would never have had without her guidance. She is never mainstream, always unique and creative. She did a fantastic job combining the needs and wants of adults and children(2 girls – 5 and 9). On our next trip to New Zealand, Veronika will be our first call." Sandy Shapero, San Mateo, CA, US

“It is with pleasure that I write this Testimonial for Veronika of Aroha Tours. Veronika who owns and operates Aroha Tours has designed a unique tour model for the discerning tourist of New Zealand. One of my daughters was the first of our family  to use Veronika,s services to plan a tour for her family and English Parent in laws. A great success for three generations of people .On her recommendation my wife and I engaged Veronika to organise a Tour for us following completion of the recent Rugby World Cup. As a business traveller one experiences a variety of challenges and one becomes quite selective on standards. I must observe that Veronika,s attention to detail, her knowledge of New Zealand and her awareness of the character of her clients, all blend to what I would expect to hear from a satisfied customer base. We have no hesitation in using Veronika again and no hesitation in Recommending her services for others planning a spend time in New Zealand.” Don & Pat Argus, (Honour of Australia) Victoria, Australia

We are safely back in the U.S.! We had so much fun!!! You were such a fantastic tour guide and so knowledgeable!. Robyn & James Cope, Florida, USA  

We had such a fabulous trip and are still talking about it to everyone. We have to thank you for that, Veronika. Australia was nice and pretty but there is absolutely no comparison with New Zealand. Frederick and Susan Sievert, Stamford. USA

They had a wonderful time, thank you so much for your help! If I can ever get to NZ I will travel with you guys! Dena Stahlheber, Stamford, USA

We are sorry for the long time, but we have been both very busy one we came back. We miss our world around trip, but basically we miss the unforgettable days we spend with you in New Zealand.  Rossella Mastrotto, Gruppo Mastrotto, Italy

Hi Veronika, we have reached back safely...feels like we are back to earth from heaven. My family joins me in thanking you for the excellent  arrangements throughout the tour. Special application to Jurgen who was more than just a guide and made it so easy for us all through. It was certainly a memorable holiday...I am sure we will be back soon...I have already recommended your name to many friends aspiring to visit New Zealand. Mahesh, Raji and Laya Parameswaren, Singapure

I was fortunate to find Aroha Tours by chance on the web and what a great find. Veronika Couldn’t have been more helpful. Not only did she reply to my every email so quickly despite the time difference but she took the stress out of me planning my trip and organised a perfect tailor made experience  i will never forget.
Jurgen and Veronika what a team! Helpful, attentive, good fun and kind. We would always use them again if we are fortunate to go back to NZ. Without Aroha Tours we would have never experienced half the sights, accommodation, knowledge and restaurants. A first class service. I would highly recommend Aroha Tours to everyone wanting a first class tour guide, they were worth every penny and more. Faye Hudges, London, England  AIT Group, 

Veronika, We have had the most amazing time with you in New Zealand. Thank you for once in a lifetime views and experience. You are such a joy to be around and your love of New Zealand shines through in all you say and do. We will definitely be back. Please keep in touch. Fred & Sue Sievert, CT, USA

Hi Veronica, We have reached back safely...feels like we are back to earth from Heaven. My family joins me in thanking you for the excellent arrangements throughout the tour. Special appreciation for Jurgen, who was more than just a guide and made it so easy for us all through. It was certainly a memorable holiday..but for the small disappointment in not being able to set our feet on the glacier, everything other moment was fascinating... I am sure we will come back soon... I have already recommended your name to many friends aspiring to visit New Zealand..Three cheers to you and team Aroha..Thanks Mahesh, Raji, Laya/Singapore.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks for everything! Lei Lu & Lisa Wang, Long Beach, CA, USA

Dear Veronika, I wanted to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing tour you gave my mother in law, Adrienne. She had an amazing time, and valued your company as much as the magical places you took her. She told us many tales and showed us some amazing photos. Fran Lowery, Auckland 

Veronika, Where do I even start...What a fantastic shoot we had here in New Zealand thanks to you! You were such a wonderful guide and I cannot even express how lucky we feel to have met you! Thanks for believing in us to portray your country to the best it can be & for of course promoting Aroha Tours! We are so extremely excited to put this show together & I hope it exceeds your expectations and really promotes all of your hard work and dedication to your company! Your time and friendship this week has been so great & we feel honoured to have met so many of your wonderful friends. I can see that you will always be successful. Thanks for being a great TV Star. Your friends Ashley  Colburn and Josh Middleton, San Diego, USA. WEALTH TV – TAKE OFF (Travelshow)

Hi Veronika, Just to let you know we are having the time off our lives, with lots of fun and laughter. Jurgen has been the greatest.  Hope we get to see you at some point.  Thanks Frances & Donald Aberle, Nassau, Bahamas

Good Morning Veronika: On behalf of the four of us, I would like to thank you very much for having organized an amazing trip to New Zealand and for picking up Achim as our driver/guide. Our tour was simply fantastic and every day was totally different from the previous one both in terms of accommodation and activities/sightseeing. Achim was a real pleasure to have around and he added a lot to our trip. You really created for us a trip of a lifetime! We will definitely recommend your company to anyone we know who is considering a trip to New Zealand. We also hope that you were not personally affected by the terrible disaster of this week in Christchurch. Thanks again and all the best,Giancarlo Bisone, NJ. USA

Dear Veronika. Thank you so much for a wonderful time through the South Island. NZ is a beautiful country and you were  able to proudly “show it off” through your own eyes. We were Fortunate to hook up with you and it made our trip more personably getting to know you. We wish you well in your future. Our best always. Lazarus & Marion Calpan, Montreal, Canada

Dear Veronika, Finally we are safely back in the UK having completed our round the world trip - wonderful memories to last a lifetime. I cannot praise nor thank you enough for crafting and executing the perfect trip for Barry and I.  You had listened and thought about what we had asked for at the beginning, providing for us a highlights tour which met our needs and was fantastic. Absolutely loved Steve Popperwell - you could not have chosen a more charming, accommodating and informative guide. He was great company while seamlessly tweaking our itinerary to accommodate Barry's special needs. Fly plane to Milford Sound - awesome - magnificent - highlight of the whole world trip - we were so lucky with near perfect weather - will always remember. Steve so calmed our nerves over Shotover jet we laughed and smiled all the way through our drenching !!! Arrowtown and Wineries also great. Well I am sure you are very very busy with your film crew right - I hope you get the most wonderful publicity from it.  You deserve it.  You are a lovely person, incredibly organised with a great eye to detail.  We have no hesitation in recommending your company to any of our friends who might be coming to NZ. Sonia and Barry Abbott, Winchcombe, England 

2010 and older

Donna and I had a great time in New Zealand. Ira & Donna Leavitt, IL, USA

Veronica, Thank you very much for ensuring that we had a wonderful time in this awesome and beautiful country. We wish you continuing happiness and success here. Carol & Bruce Cunin, CT, USA

We are continuously reliving our extraordinary trip to New Zealand.  I think about the amazing things we saw and people we met every day.  We do sincerely consider it the trip of a lifetime. Judy & Jerrald Weinstein, NY, USA

I wanted to thank you for the Tour you organised for us and also for the guide you chose to escort us. Steve Popperwell was absolutely fantastic. We learned so much from him and even during weather related challenges we faced Steve was the best. Never stressed, always in a good mood. It was a pleasure to see New Zealand thru Aroha Tours and Steve made it better even by teaching us so much about the Country and the different places we visited. Any chance I have I will recommend your services.  Glenda (& Nuno) Vitoria, Switzerland

Just want to tell you that my sister and I were so glad to have met you. Not only were you a terrific guide and driver, but a really nice and caring person too. We  enjoyed your company and felt lucky to have selected someone who is so knowledgeable and passionate about New Zealand. Marlene Greenfield, Vice President Hearst Magazines, NY, USA,

...on the whole, we had a marvellous and enjoyable time.  You planned a lovely trip for us and I have recommended you to friends and colleagues. Ginney Ling. Singapore

We had a wonderful time on the trip and the South Island was absolutely spectacular, as you said it would be.  Thank you for all that you did to make our trip memorable. Deepa Reddy, Ohio, USA

Hi Veronika. Thank you so much for your hard work and co-operation in making our trip such a wonderful experience one we will never forget. We will recommend you to all our friends. We had the most fantastic time in the South Island and Jurgen is the most amazing guy. We hope to see you again. Take care and we wish you all the best for the future. Faye Hudges and Henry Smith, London, England

Hello Veronika, Everything worked perfectly. I will strongly recommend your company to any of my friends travelling to NZ. We enjoyed and learned a lot about a country that before for us was only a name in the map. We love NZ. Please send our best regards to Jurgen. He was a perfect guide and has a lot of knowledge. Again, your choice of hotels was superb. My wife and myself want to sincerely thank you for what we experienced.  Sincerely, Anita and Eduardo Malenky, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I wanted to thank you for making our holiday truly special. You are a wonderful person, and I hope we can stay in touch. Eli Brollo and family, Shanghai, China

Dearest Veronika,Thank you for being such a great host and making our NZ trip a magical one. We couldn’t have ask for  a better tour guide. Your passnd dedication have shone through and left a lasting impression in our heart. Mrs. Natalie Chang, Mrs. Veronica Lam, Mrs. Hock Eng Patricia Duong, Mrs. Fiona Fung, Mrs. Rena Yap, Mrs Agnes Poon, Sydney, Australia

Hi! Veronica, I really had a good time in New Zealand owing to your kind help. Thank you very much for your kind care and hope another trip soon with my friend whom missed this trip. Best Regards Kang Bok Lee, Seoul, South Korea 

Thank you very much for everything. NZ is truly a beautiful place. I especially appreciate the effort you put into trying to figure-out what we would enjoy more and to tailoring the trip towards that objective. You were also flexible in the plans we had made towards this object. Thank you for having taken such splendid care of us and for accommodating all our Needs. Nawshir Mirza, Mumbai, India

Thank you, thank you, for planning and taking us on the most wonderful tour imaginable!  I am still singing the praises of our experience! Judith Gartner, Florida, USA 

Thanks Veronika for the great trip we had - absolutely hitch free and worry free. Your working on the itinerary was perfect with a great deal of emphasis on the finer details. Not once did I feel worried. All the others too felt the same way and appreciated your efforts. The hotels/lodges that we stayed in were also perfect. Thanks once again. And yes not to forget Jurgen - he was indeed very good and very co-operative and also full of necessary information. Best wishes, Hope to be in touch. Sudhir Reddy, Hyderabad, India  

So sad to leave NZ tomorrow.  We had the Best time ever.... thanks to Veronika. Barbara Desfor and Burt Birnbaum, Florida, USA

 We're back home and into our busy routines but  I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we enjoyed our time in New Zealand with Jurgen (our only disappointment was that we didn't get to meet you in Taupo - I know you were on the road with another tour.)   New Zealand is a stunning country and I know we were exceptionally lucky with the weather. As I think you are already aware, I found Aroha Tours while searching the internet, and from our initial email correspondence I was confident that you would meet our expectations. You clearly listened to what we were looking for and customized a tour accordingly.  Overall we were very happy with the tour. Thanks so much for all your help in organizing our tour, Veronika.  We won't hesitate to recommend you to others. Sincerely, Sari Goldenberg, Toronto, Canada

First of all I would like to start off by saying that overall our trip was absolutely amazing. We experienced so much and have learned so much about New Zealand. The scenery, the amazing places we stayed and more importantly the people we met were AWESOME. We cannot express how impressed we were by Martin. His expertise, passion for what he does, knowledge and love for this country were expressed each and every day. We felt safe and in good hands at all times. Brandi Hicks, Hawaii

Hi Veronica, We had the best time touring your wonderful country with Jurgen. He was a delight even though he is a flat white addict! Our thought is that we want to come back as soon as we can.  Please pass on our best to Jurgen(all is good!) and thanks for the great trip! Dan A. and April Vossler, President, Central Coast Remedial Resources, Inc. USA

Veronika, Thank you for all of the arrangements you made for us for our recent holiday in your beautiful country of New Zealand.  We had a great time and will cherish the memories of what we experienced. The helicopter flights to White Island and over Fiordland, as well as the Siberia Valley experience were the highlights of the trip.  While the physical beauty of both islands was quite extraordinary, what impressed us even more was the quality of the people of the Kiwis we met during the trip. The accommodations were very, very nice.  We have traveled quite a bit in our lives and visited many countries around the globe.  Prior to this visit we regarded the Mauna Lani hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii as being in a class by itself with regard to the level of customer service provided to guests.  I would have to say that the Lodge at Kauri Cliffs, the Whare Kea Lodge, the Dock Bay Lodge, and the Spire Hotel were all at least the equal of the Mauna Lani, if not even better! We have probably never experienced (nor likely ever will again) the concentration of gourmet meals in one fortnight as we did on the trip -- excellent food with every meal you set up for us.  I suspect the very good seatings we received were due to your influence also!  The drivers who provided transfer services to us were all very professional and interesting, informative, and people-friendly folks.  Special mention is deserved for Jack Tragear.  I must say, he is a very vibrant fellow for his age -- very informative and a sheer pleasure to be around!  We were extremely comfortable with him and never had one awkward moment, which is not an easy thing to accomplish spending all the hours we spent with him in six days of being driven about. Once again thank you very much for all of your efforts in making our visit such a delight.  If I put together a golf trip to New Zealand with some friends sometime in the future, I would certainly like to work with you again. Sincerely, Rob and Shirley Moser, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Dear Veronika, many thanks for arranging such an amazing holiday. Anthony + Maria Haggar, Haggar Holding, Sudan

Dear Veronika-We're back home trying to get over our jet-lag. The trip was great and your arrangements generally were very good. Martin was particularly knowledgeable and very helpful, and we thank you for a job well done... Regards from Joyce and me....Myer Deitcher, Nucor Trading Canada

Hi Veronika, We had a fantastic holiday thanks to your organisational skills. Jurgen was an excellent guide , thoroughly professional and an exceptionally nice man. The whole trip was memorable  even winter in Queenstown! I'll be recommending you to my friends. Clive , Natalie , Victoria and Kathleen Appleton, Melbourne, Australia

We enjoined the trip very much and learned a lot from our professional guide Martin about New Zealand.
All the services we received including all the accommodations, the planned schedule of the tour, have been in very high class. Rafi Lebel, President Perrigo, Israel

Veronika, it was a pleasure to meet you and to have you as our very competent, reliable and friendly guide! I definitely will back. Javier De Onate, Zurich, Switzerland   

Overall we had a wonderful trip and a wonderful experience. It is a shame Diego (9 month) will not remember much of it!!! I know Maureen and I will never forget it!!! For this many thanks to you and your professionalism!!!!! Carlos & Maureen Cuellar, Jakarta, Malaysia

We had an awsome time! Thank you very much.Christina Barho, Australia and Thomas Barho from Germnay

Thank you so much for giving us such a personal tour. You really made
it special and I feel like I made a new friend! Jody Castano and Dean Neikirk, Austin, Texas, USA

Hema and I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip. Martin was simply outstanding – made the trip even better. Hema and I will cherish this trip all our lives. Regards Anand Antur and Hema Tharoon, Chennai, India

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of the land you call home. Your personal tour of the beautiful country was top notch and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Its not possible to really experience New Zealand for the first time without Aroha Tours.

You've openend our eyes and heart to new wonderful thinks, thank you for that. Ronald LaVecchio and Katy Tsu, Waipahu, Hawaii

Hi Ronnie, We reached safely though after an hectic journey. First of all THANKS for a lovely tour that you arranged. We enjoyed every place that we visited and are thankful for your assistance at all levels. I admire your patience. What a great and fascinating country N.Z is. Such lovely landscape surpasses any other country that we have visited including Switzerland and Scotland. Wow. The tour was memorable as promised by you and your expertise knowledge and details of all the places we visited was fascinating and illuminating. Ravinder Sethi, Delhi, India

Just want to thank you for giving a us a great time (one of the best time for any holiday) and also making my parents dreams come true, of course with awesome feeling to the fantastic view of New Zealand that you took us to have opportunity to touch it and a marvellous selection of accommodations. Kora Sukonritikorn, Bangkok, Thailand


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Even that doesn’t say enough. We have had the holiday of a life time. One we will never forget and we have the pictures to prove it.

Linda & Dennis Toth, Kendry, USA

Veronika. We sincerely appreciate your expertise  and kindness in showing your beautiful country. We are so happy that we chose you to be our guide. We wish you well in the future. Julie & Chuck Dumas, Michigan, USA

Veronika, Carolyn and I enjoyed ourselves very much. We not only enjoyed your beautiful country, but thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. Thank you for all the arrangements. Overall, this was the best vacation Carolyn and I have ever had. Thanks to Jack and yourself. David and Carolyn McLemore, Boart Longyear Limited, Utah, USA

Dear Veronika, thousands of thanks for so wonderful time in New Zealand, country of amasing beauty! We are traveling a lot and have seen many beautiful places, but the beauty of this country of contrasts, human warmth and your sincere concern for us were very pleasant surprise for us. Thank you for the wild places shown, that are available not to everyone tourist! Thank you for your care of our complicated diet:) Thank you for your kind stay together! All our friends know now that New Zealand has to be explored only with Aroha Tours and Veronika - otherwise, the country will lose half of its charm:)! Lina & Gintaras Grybeniene, Lithuania

Dear Veronika, I returned back from Singapore on 11th and have settled down with work.   I am very much grateful to you for making our trip to New Zealand a memorable one. We will always cherish this trip during our lifetime.   Our special thanks to Gibby who made us feel very comfortable during the whole trip and went out of his way to make sure that we enjoyed every moment of our trip.   I can say that you as a Tour Organiser and Gibby as a Tour Guide make a terrific combo.   New Zealand is a God's gift to mankind. Your country is rich in natural resources. I am very much impressed by the way the citizens are taking pains in maintaining the ecology and environment and this is a very good lesson for us to learn to improve the same in our country. Warm regards. Harish & Pallavi Ghandi, Mumbai, India

Veronika, Thanks for the great time! Beautiful country and you are a wonderful host.
Nita & Myles Hutton, Joan and Ed Kura, Janet & Bruce MacDougal,Texas, USA

A huge thank you for everything you did for us - the trip went so well and flowed along. It was well paced and we did enjoyed the variety of accommodation and trips/experiences very much.  Amanda & Arthur de Haast, England

Hi Veronika, We had a very memorable holiday in New Zealand and we all need to give a special thanks to Mellisa. She was simply superb...very patient and accommodating. We all feel that she made a  great trip even greater. Narendra Kudva, Bangalore, India

No words can express how greatful we both are for you taking very good care of us in NZ!!!  We so very much miss your country. Corwin and I cannot stop talking about our experience in NZ to everyone we here on Kauai! We both want to return to NZ soon!!! You were saying how you wanted to know how we would rate our experience from most memorable to memorable? Well the entire trip was OUTSTANDING!!!! We actually enjoyed all the places, B & B's and people we met. They were all very, very wonderful and unforgetable! Joanne & Corwin Acoba, Kauai, Hawaii

Hallo veronika, vielen dank für deine bemuehungen. Bin gut angekommen und bereite schon meine produktion ueber meine traumreise vor. danke auch fuer die informationen ueber neuseeland. wuensche dir erstmal alles gute und viel spass auf deinen touren und sende dir ganz liebe gruesse aus good old germany. Reinhard Listl, Kelheim, Germany

The tour you arranged for us 'exceeded expectations! We have been boring all our friends and family with the details of our flying fox and rafting experiences, and the Chalet Eiger with its unique lightening and fab hospitality. Mel & Gary, England

Thank you very much for all your arrangements of the tour, we very much enjoyed our holidays in New Zealand. We also would like to thank Melissa, she is a very good guide. We will let our friends know how great our holiday was. Roland Fung, Hong Kong

Once again, many thanks for a truly memorable holiday in NZ. We had a great time. We recently viewed some of the 1000 odd photographs that we had taken, and they immediately brought back the wonderful memories.  Arun-Anjali Argawala, United Arab Emirates

Thanks again for everything. My parents had a wonderful time. Sincerely, Nomi Igra, Berkeley CA, USA

Dear Veronika! Thank you very much for your care. You are really the best in the industry. And it is not a complement just a fact. You can trust my opinion – almost 7 years I am organizing our tours around the world and have been in contact with so many agenesis, companies and individual tour managers that I have some understanding of the situation. Melissa was fantastic! With best wishes personally to you and Aroha Tours.'  Cordially Igor Chernov, Finland

“The Rotorua/Taupo Rift'. What the world looked like when it was born. Powerful stuff, Veronika, Rich Shapero, US - Auther of Wild Animus, USA

Our dear Veronika, when we think of our trip to New Zealand at the wheels we have only fond memories of you and about the places we visited with you. The houses we stayed and the ambience of the atmosphere will remain in our memories for long. We are really envious of your country, it is God's own country! With blessing. Dr.M.I & Saramma Joy, India

We are back in India after a great holiday. Thank you for your help. Both Roy and Melissa were faboulous and a pleasure to be with. I do hope that I can come back to NZ...if not with family maybe with some friends. I have still some unfinished trying to do some of the crazy stuff the Kiwis have invented. Regards, Ajith Pai, India/Singapure

Wir hatten eine wunderbare Zeit in Neuseeland. Veronika is sehr kompetent, geht sehr gut auf die Gaeste ein, ist eine sehr gute Fahrrerin und hat uns Neuseeland nicht nur von der touristischen Seite vermittelt. Kurt Massuthe & Sylke Hagedorn, Hamburg, Germany

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